Mind Body & Soul is Playa Vista's premier boutique yoga studio. We offer traditional vinyasa flow classes, power flow, yin restorative, prenatal, 1-on-1 private yoga, and corporate yoga classes.

At Mind Body & Soul, we see yoga as much more than just physical exercise, it can also be a way to connect to your innermost self. Our dedicated team of yoga instructors will guide you as you cultivate your own unique, creative expression.

There is street parking in the neighborhood and a parking lot 1 block east toward Yummy and 1 block south toward Bluff Creek Drive. Yoga mats are available to rent for $2. Enjoy our purified water or a cup of tea in our lovely tea lounge.

Our Tribe

Alex Joy

Alex Joy

Alex Joy is a Los Angeles based yoga instructor who believes that yoga has the capacity to heal just about anyone, regardless of how they arrive on the mat. Her classes are thoughtfully sequenced with a foundation in anatomy and self-exploration, yet always leave room for playfulness. She fosters a non-dogmatic approach to both movement and stillness, providing tools and space for each student to find his or her own ideal practice. She encourages students to live in the present moment, guided by intuition and rooted in compassion. 

Growing up as a dancer, Alex always appreciated the self-expression and discipline of movement. However, in high school, complications from a peripheral neuropathy made an aggressive approach to movement unsuccessful. Heartbroken, she gave up dance and spent years searching for a new form of expression. When she discovered yoga, she was surprised that her body was receptive and the poses offered the mental freedom that dance once had. Breath work eased tension on her nerves, and practicing non-attachment taught her to seek something deeper than results. Yoga helped her let go of the fear of falling and the need to be perfect, ultimately inspiring her to support others in working through their own challenges on and off the mat. 

Alex is an RYT 500, E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance certified teacher and has been pursuing her passion for teaching since 2011. She has completed over 1000 hours of training in yoga and related movement with incredible teachers, including Annie Carpenter (SmartFLOW® Yoga) and Liz Arch. In addition to teaching classes and private lessons, Alex leads workshops, teacher training seminars, and retreats. 

For more information on Alex, visit www.alexjoyyoga.com

Brittany Lynne

Brittany Lynne is a yoga and meditation instructor based in Redondo Beach. She takes a holistic approach to teaching, focusing on creative, intelligent sequencing while integrating pranayama, meditation, intention setting and inspiring themes. Brittany specializes in teaching physically challenging Power Vinyasa Flow classes, in addition to nourishing Restorative, Yin & Gentle Yoga practices. She also teaches Guided Visualization Meditation, Moving Meditation, Body Scan Meditation & Pranayama techniques. Her intention, as an instructor, is to guide her students through safe and fun alignment-based classes with the intention of cultivating peace, happiness and balance. We all have a beautiful light within us – Brittany strives to share her light with the world and encourages others to do the same.


Catie Purcell

Catie Purcell is a true California native, but with experience in traveling all around the globe and living in various parts of the country. Her biggest pasions are music, travel, culture, and, of course, yoga. Finding yoga was certainly the catalyst for finding her most spiritual self, her true self. She hopes to help others along in their own spiritual journey as well, as she believes yoga to be the number one practice into physical and spiritual development. Catie achieved her 200 hour teacher training certification, focusing mostly on Vinyasa, in Los Angeles, CA. Her classes are fun and challenging, yet well rounded, and each class is always a bit different. She focuses on providing a better understanding for how each pose should truly feel within the body. Catie believes very strongly in the benefits of yoga, and therefore deeply cares for each and every student in her classes. Expect to enjoy a hands-on, fun, creative, and challenging class with a sweet serenade at the end, as she takes you into your final meditation, Savasana, with a soul nourishing chant sung in the Sanskrit language. Namaste 🙏🏼

Charley Alexandria

Charley Alexandria, a Los Angeles native, received her 200 HR YTT certificate in 2016 under the guidance of Ella Cojocaru. She has been a student of yoga since 2009 when she took her first Iyengar class at Los Angeles Valley College. Since the start of her journey, she has credited yoga with elevating her life through the strength, flexibility and discipline learned from consistent practice. Charley is currently studying Yoga Therapy at Loyola Marymount University and Somatic Psychology at Antioch University. She offers guidance through the practice of Yin, Restorative, Gentle and Kundalini yoga infused with pranayama and meditation.

Chelsea Rothert

Chelsea Rothert is a DONA certified Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator and Yoga Teacher who specializes in Pre/Postnatal and Fertility Yoga.

Combining her calming breath oriented yoga background with her passion for empowering women throughout their pregnancies and deliveries is what makes her a strong co-partner for birth and education.

She has well over 500+ hours of training with The Mukti School of Yoga. In 2010 she completed Gurmukh’s Prenatal Khalsa Way Program and Yoga Works Postnatal and Baby & Me certifications. She also co-created Mukti Yoga School’s very own 100 Hour Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher training.

Her yoga classes offer a safe space to strengthen, lengthen and prepare the body and mind for birth. She believes that a regular yoga practice will teach women the tools they need to breath and honor movement; ultimately allowing them to become more in tune with the natural process of labor itself. Her knowledge as a birth doula really brings a new dynamic to her yoga classes.

Currently residing in Manhattan Beach, California, she offers weekly prenatal & postnatal classes and private lessons.
Also available are her Childbirth Education and Doula Services.


Danielle James

Danielle, a Southern California native, began practicing yoga in 2003 after an active childhood playing volleyball, soccer, and softball.  Her professional career began in commercial real estate but she always knew deep down that she was meant for a life of service.  A fortuitous life event in which Danielle sustained 2 concussions within 6 weeks of one another set her on a new path.  Navigating post-concussive syndrome, Danielle used yoga, deep breathing, and meditation to find relief from her daily symptoms.  She completed her 200 hour vinyasa teacher training in 2018 with Tamal Dodge.  Her hope is to guide individuals to move their bodies in a way that is healing for them.  You can expect classes to include movements that enhance stability, mobility, and flexibility while also building endurance. Danielle aims to make her classes accessible to everyone through clear alignment instruction, a focus on foundational poses, and attention to the breath in order to find presence on the mat and, ultimately, in life. 

Elizabeth Flynn

Elizabeth is a LA based yoga teacher, mindfulness coach and new mama to Earth. Originally from the UK, Elizabeth discovered yoga on a freezing winter whilst living in Paris. Her yoga journey took her to Thailand, India and Iceland before she found her way to LA in 2013. Elizabeth enjoys using yoga as a tool for creative expression, healing and liberation. Recently Elizabeth founded www.wildwmn.com and is combining her love for creativity, yoga and motherhood to empower women in all stages of living through the WILD WMN podcast, collaborations, events and classes.

Greta Recinto

Greta grew up an active girl playing team sports; basketball, volleyball, track and tennis. She went through knee surgeries which led to her first yoga class in Houston, TX. But, it was a life changing move to Southern California where she found a deep connection to the practice of yoga.

In 2010, Greta started her yoga teaching journey and became a certified instructor. She quickly felt the benefits of aligning the mind with the breath and body. Yoga has been instrumental with helping her harness the power to stay grounded and uplifted while using the body and mind to understand emotional and physical awareness as a tool towards happiness.

Practicing yoga has given her the wonderful gift of healing from trauma and loss. Greta learns and teaches through yoga to trust in transformation, change and purpose without settling with the easy security blankets of life.

Greta guides with knowledge, passion and dedication in leading Power Flow, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation and private classes in the Los Angeles area.

Greta’s enthusiastic spirit enhances the amazing experience of learning the craft of yoga, and adds a little light into every day.

Hannah Dawe

Hannah Claire Dawe was raised in Laguna Beach, California where she began her dance training at age five. She discovered her love for movement and pursued dance and soccer through high school. In 2012 she completed the renowned 200 hour teacher training program at Yogaworks and is thrilled to be sharing her passion as both a private and group instructor throughout Orange County and Los Angeles. Hannah graduated with honors from Loyola Marymount University’s School of Communication and Fine Arts and has continued her studies at LMU with a Masters degree in Yoga Studies.

Kelsey Cook

Kelsey is an RYT-200 certified yoga teacher based in Los Angeles. She began practicing yoga in college, initially using it as a way to get physically fit - not realizing the impact it would have on other areas of her life, as well. At the time, she was living from moment to moment with anxiety, struggling to love & accept herself, and striving to be "perfect" in every way possible. Yoga came into her life just when she needed it most, and taught her to love & care for herself in a way she never was able to before she ventured to the mat for the first time. It shed light on the areas of her life that were full of darkness and connected her physical body to her mind & spirit in the process. 

Inspired by her personal transformation, Kelsey completed her yoga teacher training with YogaWorks in New York City in March of 2015, so that should could share her love of yoga with the world, even if only on a small scale. Kelsey's classes encourage students to cultivate a mind-body-spirit connection through posture, breath & meditation. Her teaching style incorporates traditional sun salutations with standing postures, stretching, breath awareness, meditation & music, culminating in a relaxing, meditative savasana. She encourages her students to be fully present on the mat, and pushes them to practice according to how they feel in the moment, leaving all judgement at the door.


Kristy Kelsey

Kristy has been practicing yoga for more than half of her life and began teaching yoga in 2009. She grew up in Hermosa Beach and draws inspiration from her background as an elite dancer. Having completed over 1,000 hours of yoga teacher training under Julie Rader, she specializes in creative sequencing, safe alignment and the breath and body connection. Kristy believes that time on the mat is a form of personal therapy. No matter what is going on in life, when you step onto the mat and tune into your breath, a sense of peace and calm can be achieved. Teaching primarily vinyasa flow classes, Kristy has advanced training in alignment, anatomy, prenatal yoga, yin yoga, therapeutic yoga, meditation and chakra balancing. She is an international traveler, an avid reader, and leads yearly teacher trainings for students who want to become yoga teachers and for students who just want to deepen their yoga practice. For more information on her trainings and retreats, visit her website at www.kristysyoga.com

Laurel Erilane

Laurel grew up as a competitive athlete who constantly pushed her body to its limit. She first discovered yoga in her adolescence as an alternative therapy when several injuries prevented her from playing with such intensity. Laurel completed her teacher training E-RYT 500 training in 2007-09 and continues to educate herself through trainings and workshops to stay inspired. She has been practicing consistently for over half her life and brings an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology into her intelligent sequencing. Her teaching style emphasizes proper anatomical alignment through both classical and modern variations, incorporating the union of breath and fluid movement with deep dynamic stretches and guided meditation.

As every day presents new challenges, we must first do the work on ourselves in order to uplift others around us. Laurel believes every time you step on the mat is an opportunity to deepen your sense of self, and learn more about finding your own personal peace. She is a peaceful warrior on a mission to celebrate and appreciate creativity through her passion for mindful living. Laurel recognizes the yogic journey as a life-long practice, which has guided her to travel, live, co-create, and teach internationally. In addition to teaching yoga, she is also an inspired communicator, graphic artist, event producer, entrepreneur and world adventurer. For more information about her teaching, community events, private instruction, and international retreats visit her website, yoginilaurel.com