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mala necklace

Mala Workshop w/Rachael September 23rd 12-3pm

The Mala was originally created in India over 3,000 years ago and has roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Yoga. Mala is a Sanskrit term meaning “meditation garland”. The Mala is a string of 108 beads. The 109th bead is called a guru bead and symbolizes gratitude and connection to the divine. Originally, malas were used for a style of meditation known as Japa, which means “to recite”.

Pricing includes all supplies, seated group meditation, and an incredible unique experience, creating your own unique mala expression.

All Supplies Included

Amazonite : Amazonite is deeply stimulating to both the Heart and Throat Chakras. The Heart Chakra, located near the center of the breastbone, regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what we embrace and what we resist. It gives us the balancing ability to be ourselves within the environment. When the Heart Chakra is out of balance we may feel either controlling or controlled in a relationship, and become critical of the little foibles of others. We may find ourselves having inappropriately strong emotional responses to everyday external stimuli. Green crystal energy is used to resolve blockages and to re-balance the Heart Chakra, helping us understand our own needs and emotions clearly.  We can deal with the ebbs and flows of emotional relationships, understand their cyclic nature, and accept the changes.

The Throat Chakra is the voice of the body. It is, in essence, a pressure valve that allows energy from the other chakras to be expressed. If it is blocked, or out of balance, it can affect the health of the other chakras. When the Throat Chakra is in balance and open, it allows for the expression of what we think and what we feel. We can communicate our ideas, beliefs, and emotions, bringing our personal truth out into the world. We have an easy flow of energy within the body and spirit. The energy that springs upward from the lower chakras can continue its path enabling free expression and natural release. Blue crystal energy will unblock and balance the Throat Chakra. Darker shades of blue encourage the power of truth, while lighter shades carry the power of flexibility, relaxation, and balance.

Price: $108

Sonic Sound Healing w/Danielle September 29th 7:30pm

Always curious about different modalities to heal, Danielle stumbled into a kundalini class and heard, and intensely felt, the effects of a gong. The sounds had her enraptured and the vibrations changed the landscape of her thoughts and eventually her life. Attending sound baths for several months, Danielle realized her own desire to serve others and heal further, becoming a certified sound practitioner. She plays around West Los Angeles and enjoys helping people heal.

The benefits of vibrational sound are immense. As gongs work to clear energy, emotional blocks are removed, freeing up space to create more of what you desire, and simply put, to feel better. Danielle is excited to share the awesome healing powers of sound with you.


Lay back as we enter an acoustic sound healing journey to relax the body, clear the subconscious, calm the mind, and activate your body's natural healing systems. Planetary tuned gongs, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls and other instruments are used to create a sound healing experience that vibrates and activates every cell in your body, clearing and retuning your energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Some benefits of sound healing:

Activates Higher States of Consciousness

Unlocks Blocked Emotions

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

Induces Complete Relaxation

Promotes Deep Meditation

Heightens Clarity

Improves Ability to Concentrate

Relieves Insomnia

Decreases Depression

Normalizes Blood Pressure

Looking forward to providing you with the immense healing powers of sound and vibration.

Price: $20

Charitable Contributions

Friends of Ballona Wetlands

Protecting and restoring the Ballona Wetlands for over 39 years with the help of more than 95,000 volunteers

HomeAid LA

Serving a wide range of families and individuals who are in need of a dignified place to call home while they rebuild their lives

La Playa Co-Op Preschool

Teachers partner with parents and work together to make everyone’s learning a successful experience

Wounded Warrior Support Network

Supporting active-duty and wounded veterans & their family members through the journey back to happy & productive lives

Playa Vista Optimist International

Providing hope and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in youth, our communities and ourselves.

A Place Called Home

Provides a safe, nurturing environment with proven programs in arts, education and wellness for the young people in South Central Los Angeles to help them improve their economic conditions and develop healthy, fulfilling and purposeful lives.

Our Community

Elizabeth Flynn - Wild WMN

From maidenhood to motherhood and beyond WILD WMN is a holistic podcast exploring lifestyle, wellness, creativity and community for women at all stages. Join Elizabeth, mother, artist, healer and discoverer as she explores what it is to be a women in the modern age. The discussion will range from women's health to spirituality, feminism, relationship, creativity and living. Each week Elizabeth will explore the truth of the moment, often inviting wild women to share in the discussion and curating a special line up of guests and co speakers. WILD WMN is a platform for truth telling, soul searching and women's empowerment.

Kim Jordan - BeautyCounter

Kim is our resident BeautyCounter consultant. If you see Kim around the studio, feel free to give her a hug! If you are not familiar with BeautyCounter, they are on a mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (including but not limited to asthma, cancer, and infertility) are on the rise and are due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals - whether it’s in the shower, on our commute, while we eat lunch at a local restaurant, or when we clean our kitchens at home. 

BeautyCounter has banned the use of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals through their "Never List" - all while ensuring their products perform and that they're as indulgent as any other luxe shampoo, lipstick, or oil in the market. It's not perfect, but it's progress.

*Ask Kim about her specials

Ryan Williams - Author of "The Influencer Economy"

Ryan works down the street at CTRL Collective and has just written a modern playbook on how to grow an idea in the digital age. You can listen to his podcast at or buy his book on Amazon. You can usually find Ryan in the 12noon class practicing Yin with Ahmed or Vinyasa with Kelly. Welcome to our community Ryan, and congrats on the new book!

Tanya Sun - TelePaws

Get same day advice through video conference from an experienced veterinarian in the comfort of your home. If you don't want to wait for an office visit, distance/traffic is an issue, you have a disability or you simply have a cat or puppy that doesn't like taking trips to the vet, TelePAWS is here for you! It is simple, easy and affordable!