Special Events

Magical Dates w/ Tatiana - Saturday, November 17th 7:00-9pm

Would you like to have more dates where you click with people? If so, then this is the perfect workshop for you to learn how to connect to people with confidence! 

Together we will work with the method of Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), to clear out self- doubt and negative self-talk and step into a deep place of radiance and playfulness!

For Who?

For those, who want more love, connection. Who is brave to look their fear in the eyes and jump over the cliff of self-doubt.

Come along and learn how to:

1. Release subconscious blocks that you are not a catch!

2. Replace fear, anxiety, and hopelessness with love and appreciation

3. Discover what it feels like to feel radiant

4. Learn what is that you are actually looking for

5. Set yourself up for magical dates!

The night will include:

* A full 60-minute Tapping Session

* Visualisation exercise

* Movement embodiment of your radiant self.

* Q&A

Capacity is limited.

$25 Early Bird, $30 General Admission


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also commonly referred to as “Tapping”, is a quantum level, universal healing tool that can help to clear fear, stress, anxiety and energy blocks from our body. It helps to clear body memory from trauma and create positive beliefs about our life and the world.

Tapping is a simple and extremely effective method in assisting anyone through life's challenges and great support to bring your personal development to the next level.

Tatiana has been working in the holistic field for the last 6 years. She spends some time in traveling the world studying ancient knowledge of Tantra, Yoga, Vedic, Ayurveda, Mysticism and Hypnotherapy in sacred locations and ashrams of India, and Mexico.

Tatiana is an accredited EFT coach and Yoga -Tantra teacher recognized by International Alliance of Yoga. Tatiana spent last past 3 years coaching private clients using EFT/Tapping, helping to heal childhood trauma, depression, physical pain, healing cancer, relationship, and sexuality issues and more. She hosted international EFT/Tapping workshops in the US, Russia, and Mexico. Co-hosted Tapping Teacher Trainings, Retreats, and events in the US.

“I am excited to share this amazing tool because in my own life and as a practitioner, I have witnessed healing from depression, PTSD, panic attack, sexual abuse, etc. EFT taught me how to understand my emotions, love myself unconditionally and grow towards my dream life.” - Tatiana


“When I booked my tapping session with Tatiana, I was working on stepping into my power and owning my needs and claiming them. At the time of the session, I was struggling financially and having to take out loans each month. It was getting to the point where I was going to ask work for more money. During our tap, I worked on some of my blocks around this. Afterward and with Tatiana's support, I ended up negotiating a $1000 dollar raise at work and the ability to work more from home which allowed me to take care of some of my other needs. I'm extremely grateful for the session for changing a huge part of my life!” -Jerry K

"Tatiana is a Gift from Heaven to me! I’ve been going through very tough times in my life and she helped me to get to the bottom of every issue. During her session, she goes so deep that I cry like a baby as soon as I start tapping. My sessions with her are always full of emotions, but she navigates it right to the point so I don’t get lost in my infinite thoughts. Thanks to Tatiana I’ve done a lot of important internal work, became clear about the connection of my past and my future and improved relationships with my mom." -Natalia Chukhno

A short video about EFT/Tapping by founder Gary Craig:


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dance party

THE PURPLE PARTY | Soundbath. Ecstatic Dance. Breathwork. Sunday, November 18th 8:00-9:00pm

Soothe your soul with song, breathe in new life and dance your heart out! For one night, embrace the color of love…

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